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Intertwined Love: Chapter 2
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unknown20troper wrote in fopfanfic
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairly OddParents.

Title: Intertwined Love

Author: unknown20troper

Rated: R or NC-17

Warnings: Male/male smut in later chapters, anal, oral, handjobs, infidelity, dub-con. Please tell me if there are any other warnings that need to be included, or any current warnings that should be adjusted.

This Chapter Includes: None. On AFF, I will include the warning codes for the current chapters when the first chapter is posted, and add the ones for the next chapters as I finish them.

Potentially Going to Include: smut involving minors (which will not be posted on LJ, since I’ve heard that it isn’t allowed there), male/female smut, oral

Pairing(s): Timmy Turner/Remy Buxaplenty, Juandissimo/Cupid, Jorgen/Norm, Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy

Summary: Remy Buxaplenty has fallen for Timmy Turner because of the dreams he’s been having ever since he lost his fairy. Cupid and Juandissimo are together. Jorgen has finally rubbed Norm’s lamp, and finds himself struggling with his feelings for the genie.

Notes: Constructive criticism welcomed – my current worry is that I’m not using enough description. In order to keep to canon, Jorgen thinks of Norm as a filthy genie at the start (“So I have to say, even though you’re a filthy genie, you’ve been doing a very good job in this competition.” Jorgen Von Strangle, Fairy Idol. Hartman, Butch. p. 28 of script, also said in actual episode), but his feelings do turn romantic. Norm will also take a while to fall for Jorgen, though he will eventually. Just letting you know so you don’t ask about where the heck the pairing is. The Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy will take a while to begin, but I know that most of you don’t care how long it takes to start. This fanfic is set four years after canon, so CS/TF isn’t chan in this fanfic.

Intertwined Love

Chapter 2

Timmy groaned when he saw Remy arrive at his house again, in a different car. How determined was Remy, anyway? Did he know that ‘no’ meant no, not maybe or yes?

“Timmy, you were really rude to Remy yesterday,” said Wanda. “If you refuse this time, be polite, whether you think this is an evil plan or not.”

“Yes, Wanda,” he replied, not in the mood to be advised about how to deal with Remy.

Remy went up to Timmy and pulled out two slips of paper – tickets perhaps – from his vest pocket. Timmy rolled his eyes, expecting them to be tickets to a boring romantic opera that rich people loved.

“Timothy Tiberius Turner,” Remy grandiosely. “I have two tickets to the new Crash Nebula movie.”

Even if Remy was tricking him, that was irresistible. His parents had refused to take him to the Crash Nebula movie, saying that it would be a waste of their time and money, and when he tried to go himself, he learned that all the tickets were sold out for three months.

“Awesome!” replied Timmy. “Sure. Just don’t turn it into a date, or a trick.”

Remy gestured to the driver, and the car door opened. Timmy got in as soon as the door opened. He was sure that the movie would be awesome, even if he had to look out for Remy’s tricks, even if he wasn’t sure if they were tricks.

- - -

There was something odd about this. Godchildren lost their memories when they lost their fairies, and Remy had definitely lost Juandissimo a long time ago. He could have regained the fairy, but Wanda didn’t think that was very likely.

Juandisssimo probably wouldn’t hang back if she was nearby. If Remy still had him, he would have engaged in a vain attempt to woo her, which of course would fail. Even if she assumed that he had realized that attempting to woo her would be a waste of his infinite time, it didn’t seem that likely that Remy would not bring him, and yet that was what he did, as far as she saw anyway.

If Remy didn’t remember his fairies, how did he remember Timmy? Was one of Timmy’s other enemies helping him? Did he regain his memories, yet not his fairy?

Jorgen Von Strangle could probably answer at least some of her questions, she guessed. He had created the godparent system after all.

She appeared in Jorgen’s headquarters in a POOF. She looked around, hoping to see Jorgen, but he wasn’t there. That was odd. Sounds of the sort that Cosmo only/mostly made in bed echoed through the place, and she supposed that Jorgen was making love to the Tooth Fairy, though the Tooth Fairy certainly wasn’t sounding like the Tooth Fairy.
Wanda stopped that train of thought before it could go any further. Jorgen’s love life was not her business, even if it was interfering with his duties.
__ __ __

Jorgen’s body, including all his magnificent muscles, tightened. Apparently the sex schedule wasn’t a foolproof way to keep his affair secret. A fairy was nearby, as he could tell from the POOF. The fairy was probably here for him, and might go looking for him if he took too long. If they did…

The genie turned into a teal-blue cat, and Jorgen made all the visible evidence of the shag vanish, and BOOMed his clothes back on. He hoped that the fairy hadn’t heard the BOOMs or the GONG, though he knew that was like hoping not to find snow during winter in Nunavut. He had heard the BOOM himself, and he knew that it was nowhere near any definition of quiet.

He groaned. The fairy was Wanda, one of Turner’s fairies. Oh great. Turner had got himself into possibly rule-breaking trouble once again. What was it this time?

Wanda answered his unspoken query, “Remy Buxaplenty remembers Timmy, and I don’t believe he has Juandissimo. Remy says he loves Timmy, but I doubt that. He probably is trying to trick Timmy, and has somehow retained his memories. Please tell me whether he has Juandissimo or not, and if he doesn’t, check to see if his memories are still wiped.”

“Remy lost his fairy four years ago, for attempting to get revenge on Timmy, and possibly kill him with a life-threatening obstacle course,” boomed Jorgen, angry that anyone would dare doubt that he would leave a Rule-breaker unpunished.

Wanda quivered fearfully, yet as far as Jorgen could see, she stayed strong and didn’t give into her fear. Jorgen felt much better now that he had pain to savor. If he could bed the genie right now, he’d be absolutely content…

Jorgen convinced himself to stop daydreaming of the genie reluctantly. It was business time, not daydreaming time. It wasn’t shagging-the-genie time either, regardless of what the schedule said. Convincing himself not to follow the schedule right now was just as hard as convincing himself not to daydream about the genie, yet he managed to do both.

He quickly ran a check on his computer for Remy’s memories, and found that Remy had lost them, just as he had assumed, and never regained them. It was easy for him to ignore Wanda, who was watching the process anxiously.

“Remy lost his memories four years ago. He hasn’t regained them,” said Jorgen, answering Wanda’s second query.

- - -

That was not the answer that Wanda expected. Remy was one of the worst kids that she had ever met, and not someone that she thought had a chance of falling for Timmy. Apparently, she was wrong on the second point, and possibly the first. Somehow, Remy had fell for Timmy, even though he didn’t even remember anything about him, as far as she knew at least. Well, on the bright side, that did mean that Remy wouldn’t be trying to take them from Timmy. Still, she couldn’t help but find it odd, and improbable. Something was up, but Remy wasn’t scheming it, she was sure.

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