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Fairly OddParents Fanfic/Fan Art

All Types Allowed - As Long as They are FOP Fanworks

Fairly OddParents Fanfiction
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Fairly OddParents Fanworks
This community is for Fairly OddParents Fanfic and fanart of all kinds. If its FOP fanfic or fanart, regardless of pairing, genre, or rating, it can be posted here, though there are rules.

~~~Da Rules~~~

1. Fanfiction/fanart of all ratings is accepted. However, it must be for Fairly OddParents.

2. NO arguing or putting others down; NO rude comments. Please be respectful to others and their opinions. (It's okay to disagree, but please do it in a mature manner.)

3. Fanfic should be under a cut, or you can link back to your journal, FanFiction.Net/Deviantart (yes, fanfic is posted there sometimes)/any other fanfic site if you want.

An lj-cut works like this:

<--lj-cut text:"Witty Text Here"--> _____THE TEXT/STORY/PIC HERE PLEASE_____ </--lj-cut-->

When using the lj-cut, please remember to remove the "--" or otherwise your cut will not work.

Also, this community contains the FOP kink meme. Here: http://community.livejournal.com/fopfanfic/2325.html

FanFiction should be posted in this format:

Rated: [G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17]
Warnings: [Examples: this includes anything that could be found offensive such as swearing, character death, and so on].
Pairing Type: (slash, het, gen)
Summary: [A short narrative about your story].
Notes: [This is optional].

Join if you like FOP, and write fanfic for it! You don't need to join in order to comment though. Even anonymous people can comment if they want.

Please tell me if you think Da Rules need to be to modified.

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