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Intertwined Love
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unknown20troper wrote in fopfanfic
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairly OddParents.
Title: Intertwined Love Author: unknown20troper Rated: R or NC-17 Warnings: Male/male smut in later chapters, maybe male/female smut as well – will make this warning more specific once the chapters are written but probably anal, oral and handjobs, infidelity, possible dub/coerced/non-con, could potentially contain BDSM – considering Jorgen’s personality and all. Pairing Type: Het and slash Pairing(s): Timmy Turner/Remy Buxaplenty, Juandissimo/Cupid, Jorgen/Norm, Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy Summary: Remy Buxaplenty has fallen for Timmy Turner because of the dreams he’s been having ever since he lost his fairy. Cupid and Juandissimo are together. Jorgen has finally rubbed Norm’s lamp, and finds himself struggling with his feelings for the genie. Notes: Constructive criticism welcomed – my current worry is that I’m not using enough description. In order to keep to canon, Jorgen thinks of Norm as a filthy genie at the start (“So I have to say, even though you’re a filthy genie, you’ve been doing a very good job in this competition.” Jorgen Von Strangle, Fairy Idol. Hartman, Butch. p. 28 of script, also said in actual episode), but his feelings do turn romantic. Norm will also take a while to fall for Jorgen, though he will eventually. Just letting you know so you don’t ask about where the heck the pairing is. The Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy will take a while to begin, but I know that most of you don’t care how long it takes to start. This fanfic is set four years after canon, so CS/TF isn’t chan in this fanfic. Prologue: [link]


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