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Norm/Timmy "Any Way For Payback?" Chapter 11
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unknown20troper wrote in fopfanfic
 I updated Any Way For Payback today.

Title: Any Way For Payback? (Chapter 11)

Author: unknown20troper

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairly OddParents.

Fandom: Fairly OddParents

Rated: R, or NC-17

Warnings: M/M, foreplay, profanity, handjob, sexual terms, anal

Pairing Type: Slash

Pairing: Norm/Timmy

Summary: Jorgen accidentally drops Norm's lamp at Timmy Turner's house when he takes Timmy's fairies on his 18th bday. Without Timmy's fairies and memories, he doesn't recognize Norm but Norm still wants revenge. It's just that he has no clue how to get it.

Notes: Concrit welcomed, particularly on characterization, and smut, though it can be on anything else that I’m doing wrong. Norm and Timmy will not fall in love immediately. If either of them doesn’t like the pairing, that is just an attempt to keep them in character. They both will probably like the pairing by the end of the fanfic. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews! I'm only posting the smut on Live Journal. I have a link index for this, and it's at the below link:
Any Way for Payback (Norm/Timmy) - Link Index
The Current Chapter:
Chapter 11


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