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Intertwined Love: Chapter 4
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unknown20troper wrote in fopfanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairly OddParents.

Title: Intertwined Love

Author: unknown20troper

Rated: R or NC-17

Warnings: Male/male smut in later chapters, anal, infidelity, dub-con. Please tell me if there are any other warnings that need to be included, or any current warnings that should be adjusted.

This Chapter Includes: None.

Potentially Going to Include: smut involving minors (which will not be posted on LJ, since I’ve heard that it isn’t allowed there), male/female smut, oral, handjobs

Pairing(s): Timmy Turner/Remy Buxaplenty, Juandissimo/Cupid, Jorgen/Norm, Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy

Summary: Remy Buxaplenty has fallen for Timmy Turner because of the dreams he’s been having ever since he lost his fairy. Cupid and Juandissimo are together. Jorgen has finally rubbed Norm’s lamp, and finds himself struggling with his feelings for the genie.

Notes: Constructive criticism welcomed – my current worry is that I’m not using enough description. In order to keep to canon, Jorgen thinks of Norm as a filthy genie at the start (“So I have to say, even though you’re a filthy genie, you’ve been doing a very good job in this competition.” Jorgen Von Strangle, Fairy Idol. Hartman, Butch. p. 28 of script, also said in actual episode), but his feelings do turn romantic. Norm will also take a while to fall for Jorgen, though he will eventually. Just letting you know so you don’t ask about where the heck the pairing is. The Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy will take a while to begin, but I know that most of you don’t care how long it takes to start. This fanfic is set four years after canon, so CS/TF isn’t chan in this fanfic. In this fanfic, Timmy is fourteen, and Remy is fifteen, just so you know.


Intertwined Love

Intertwined Love - Link Index (note: there are two more chappies after this one, and this story has a prologue.)

Intertwined Love on FFN



Chapter 4:

Despite Jorgen’s confirmation of it, Wanda still wasn’t sure that Remy was in love with Timmy. After all, Timmy had many other enemies, and pretty much any of them could be manipulating him. She certainly wasn’t going to rule out that possibility, even though she was sure that if someone was trying to tempt Timmy, they’d choose to manipulate Trixie, or one of his friends, not Remy. Yet still, she wasn’t sure.

Wanda appeared at Cupid’s wonderfully pink house in a quick POOF. As every fairy knew, Cupid was the Fairy of Love, and she figured that he probably could answer her question.

She ringed Cupid’s doorbell, causing an old-times love song to play.


Cupid at first wasn’t aware of the visitor. He didn’t even register or recognize the love song that was the ring of his doorbell. Actually, he wasn’t aware of anything other than Juandissimo, and the sensations that the muscular fairy was causing. When he became aware of it, he first thought that it went well with their lovemaking. He then remembered that the love song was the result of someone ringing his doorbell.

“I have a visitor, my love,” said Cupid. “Sorry, but we will have to interrupt our lovemaking so I can great them.”

“My sexy muscles will ache for you till you come back,” replied Juandissimo.

Some people would reply that they were just going to the door, not on a quest to defeat or save something, but Cupid was not inclined to respond that way. He was the Fairy of Love after all, which meant that he liked dramatic presentations of love, even if they were a hundred times more dramatic than the situation. Juandissimo’s overdramatic plea also was a sign that he was developing feelings for Cupid, and that was something that the love fairy had desired for years. He knew it was entirely in his power to see how Juandissimo felt without the fairy having to tell him, but hearing of Juandissimo’s feelings from the fairy himself was still marvelous.

Cupid vanished in a light pink LOVE POOF and reappeared at the door. He opened it, and saw that the visitor was Wanda Venus Fairywinkle. He briefly wondered why she had come. Her relationship with Cosmo had been fixed years ago, so she obviously wasn’t concerned about that. He also didn’t think she had come simply on a social call, since he never recalled them socializing much with each other, or desiring to socialize much with each other. He didn’t think she had news either, since he’d know of most important events before she would. He also didn’t think she was inviting him anywhere, since he was the one with the fancy parties.

With all those options eliminated, the only option left was Timothy’s love life. He had shot many people with arrows to make them fall in love with Timothy, and had shot several arrows at Timothy, at different times, to make him fall for a few different people. Some of the choices were such that the wider world would eagerly accept them, some less so. Wanda had probably come because of one or a few of the people in the latter category.

When Wanda began to speak, his guess was confirmed.

“Remy Buxaplenty says that he’s in love with Timmy, and has been trying to get Timmy to date him. I know this isn’t one of his evil plans, since according to Jorgen, he has lost both his fairies and his memories. Is he in truly in love with Timmy or is someone manipulating him to get at Timmy?”

“Yes, Remy Buxaplenty is truly in love with Timothy,” replied Cupid. “He has been for a while; only a short while after he first dreamt of his fairy adventures.”

“I thought you wanted Timmy to be with Tootie,” replied Wanda, who seemed to be trying to hide anger with a reasonable tone.

“Well, she was my first choice,” replied Cupid. “However, Remington Buxaplenty, though he wasn’t my first choice, is in love with Timothy, and I will not disrupt their possible romance just because you are uncomfortable with it. He is in love with Timothy after all, and true love is not to be manipulated simply because of one fairy’s whims.”

Wanda left as soon as he finished his statement.

Cupid sighed. Love was such a mysterious force that no ordinary mortal or magical creature would be ever able to understand it fully, even if they believed they did. No wonder Wanda had trouble believing what he said about the matter, regardless of his credentials.


Remy paid more attention to Timothy than he did to the movie. The movie did interest him, but he had so much cash that he could probably see it every day if he so desired. However, Timothy couldn’t be bought with cash, and Remy wanted to savor every moment he had with him.

Unfortunately, Timothy paid more attention to the movie than to him. As soon as the movie came on, in Timothy’s eyes, he might as well not even have been there. Remy longed for Timothy to pay attention to him, and was quite frustrated when he didn’t.

However, Remy did use some of the movie’s most dramatic, intense moments as times to hold Timothy’s hand, or do other such things. Timothy wasn’t returning his affection, but this was as close as he could get to it, for now, at least.

When the movie finished, Remy sighed in relief, since he could now talk to Timothy, which was not something he could do while it was playing. However, most of Timothy’s conversation consisted of “It was so awesome when…” and “I can’t wait till the game comes out” and other such comments. Remy responded to those comments with interest, since he did like Crash Nebula, but they weren’t what he longed to hear.


A pink watch appeared on his arm with a POOF, and Timmy grinned. Wanda had returned from wherever she had mysteriously POOFed off to. He deduced from her expression that she did not have good news, and in fact, probably had the bad sort.

Various possibilities flitted through his mind. Did the Pixies buy Fairy World again? Did the Kindness revert back to its previous form, the Darkness? Were the Anti-Fairies out causing bad luck? Had Foop escaped prison? Did Remy have an evil plan?

“Is something up in Fairy World?” asked Timmy in a whisper.

“No, Fairy World is fine,” replied Wanda. “Its just that both Jorgen and Cupid have told me that Remy is truly in love with you.”


He had trouble keeping his voice above a whisper. Remy, one of his many archenemies, was in love with him? What was Cupid on?

“Yes,” replied Wanda. “Apparently, Remy is in love with you.”

Timmy had trouble sorting this out. If it was true, instead of not falling in the trap of an evil plan, he was rejecting someone that never had much love to start with. Once again, the Flashlight of Guilt shone upon him.

“Remy,” said Timmy. “Dude, I’m sorry for how I behaved earlier. How about we go to the Gilded Lily, like you asked for yesterday?”

“Sure, Timothy,” replied Remy, seeming almost to kiss him but apparently deciding not to. “I’d be delighted to go there with you.”



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