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Intertwined Love: Chapter 1
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unknown20troper wrote in fopfanfic
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairly OddParents.
Title: Intertwined Love
Author: unknown20troper
Rated: R or NC-17
Warnings: Male/male smut in later chapters, anal, oral, handjobs, infidelity, dub-con. Please tell me if there are any other warnings that need to be included, or any current warnings that should be adjusted.
This Chapter Includes: m/m smut, anal, dub-con and swearing. On AFF, I will include the warning codes for the current chapters when the first chapter is posted, and add the ones for the next chapters as I finish them.
Potentially Going to Include: smut involving minors (which will not be posted on LJ, since I’ve heard that it isn’t allowed here), male/female smut, oral
Pairing(s): Timmy Turner/Remy Buxaplenty, Juandissimo/Cupid, Jorgen/Norm, Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy
Summary: Remy Buxaplenty has fallen for Timmy Turner because of the dreams he’s been having ever since he lost his fairy. Cupid and Juandissimo are together. Jorgen has finally rubbed Norm’s lamp, and finds himself struggling with his feelings for the genie.
Author's Notes: Constructive criticism welcomed – my current worry is that I’m not using enough description. In order to keep to canon, Jorgen thinks of Norm as a filthy genie at the start (“So I have to say, even though you’re a filthy genie, you’ve been doing a very good job in this competition.” Jorgen Von Strangle, Fairy Idol. Hartman, Butch. p. 28 of script, also said in actual episode), but his feelings do turn romantic. Norm will also take a while to fall for Jorgen, though he will eventually. Just letting you know so you don’t ask about where the heck the pairing is. The Chip Skylark/Tooth Fairy will take a while to begin, but I know that most of you don’t care how long it takes to start. This fanfic is set four years after canon, so CS/TF isn’t chan in this fanfic. 
Intertwined Love
Chapter 1 
It had been relatively simple for Remy to bribe someone to drive him to Dimmsdale. Using his typical limo, with its typical driver would have been easier, but that carried the risk of his parents finding out where he went. Finding out where he went could lead to finding out why he went there. Remy had no desire for his parents to know that.
Timothy was not the type of person that they would want him to date or marry. For one, it was possible that he didn’t exist after all, and was just a figment of his imagination. If that were so, coming to Dimmsdale to look for him would get him put in an insane asylum. 
If Timothy did exist, his parents would still attempt to prevent him from dating him. Timothy’s family was middle-class, and Timothy did not score high on the popularity chart. Status and money were the two things that his parents, and every Buxaplenty before and after them, cared the most about.
Timothy was male, which also provided a host of problems in itself. The Buxaplenty’s, just like most other rich families, had very conservative values, which meant that they wouldn’t take well to learning that he was sexually attracted to boys that showed up in his dreams. His parents would also object because they would eventually want heirs, and no matter how much sex he’d hopefully have with Timothy, neither of them would become gravid.
None of the factors that would cause his parents to disapprove dulled Remy’s determination to gain Timothy’s love. If he could doggedly pursue revenge on Timothy at the age of eleven in his dreams, he could pursue Timothy’s love with equal determination now in real life. Of course, his revenge plans were all failures, but he was older now, and knew more – though he did lack fairies – surely this aim would succeed.
- - - 
The car pulled up at what he recalled was Timothy’s house in his dreams. Remy clenched, knowing that he would finally discover whether Timothy existed or not. Remy sighed in relief when he saw him. Timothy existed after all!
Timothy’s appearance not changed much during the four years since Remy had last seen him. He still wore his distinctive pink hat, whether because he didn’t own any others or just liked it. His teeth had not been fixed, and nobody had attempted to fix them either, as far as Remy could see.
His brunet locks now went past his ears, but not much further. His previously smooth face was now dotted with acne. The acne was the only part that Remy objected to. Everything else was near perfect.
- - -
Timmy had not expected Remy to get out of the car. Remy had his own limo after all, and if his parents had taken that, Timmy was sure that there were thousands of others, or if there weren’t, Remy could wish himself there. Something was definitely up.
Remy approached him.
“Timothy Tiberius Turner,” said Remy, going down on bended knee. “May I court you at the Gilded Lily?”
“No,” replied Timmy in annoyance. “You’re rich; if you want a shag or date, buy a whore. If this is an evil plan, you’re more crackpot than Crocker. Honestly, dude, I’m not gay, and this crackpot plan you have will fail – just all your saner plans did.”
Remy scowled, and Timmy supposed that was because he had busted Remy’s evil plan. He doubted that Remy would genuinely want to date him. For one, he was Remy’s worst enemy. There were plenty of people that weren’t, and could be bribed into dates with 
Remy. He wasn’t one of them. Yet, somehow, seeing Remy upset like that did make him feel a bit … guilty.
He went up to his room to play videogames, in order to put the weird encounter with Remy out of his mind. Even when playing, though, he couldn’t get the encounter out of his mind. 
__ __ __
Whether he liked it or not, the genie was proving to be absolutely tempting. Jorgen had expected to get over quickly, and if he didn’t get over it then, he expected the genie to be less tempting now, since he had slept with the Tooth Fairy that night. Yet, the temptation of the genie had not lessened a bit.
He had even used a wish to clothe the genie, and the temptation still hadn’t lessened. Now he just wanted to tear those clothes off, and fuck the genie anyway.
Maybe the best way to resist this temptation was to give into it once, and ignore it if it came up again.
The Tooth Fairy was at Tooth Fairy Enterprises. Jorgen now could fuck the tempting genie without the Tooth Fairy noticing. He retrieved the lamp from his bathroom, and rubbed it until it almost broke.
The genie spiraled out of the lamp in a swirl of blue smoke, just like last time. Jorgen wasn’t interested in the special effects. He wanted to fuck the genie quickly, and that to be all.
He grabbed the genie from the center of the smoke, and pulled him down onto the gray tiled floor. The genie winced. Jorgen paused to savor the genie’s pain, then remembered that he had to do this fast if he didn’t want to be found out. He ripped the genie’s clothes off, and then BOOMed off his own.
- - -
Norm groaned. He had expected this, ever since the jarhead had gone erect after seeing him naked. Various humans had done it to him before he understood what they were doing and how to trick them into stopping – which simply consisted of persuading them that his tail was permanent, and had no holes that a cock could penetrate, which was untrue but the stupid humans wouldn’t know that, would they?
The jarhead, however, probably knew that, and wouldn’t be fooled by his usual lie. Norm needed new tactics, and a new strategy to stop him – or at least reduce the pain. In his opinion, getting shagged was fine – more than fine, awesome in fact; it was just that if it hurt, like he was sure this one would, it would be a problem.
It wasn’t hard for him to guess that Jorgen would want it to hurt. All his previous experience of Jorgen pointed to that conclusion. 
Jorgen liked hurting people, and to the jarhead, he was lower than dirt, lower than filth, and Jorgen would have no qualms about hurting him.
Too late. Jorgen was already in him, and it sure hurt like hell. He couldn’t prevent Jorgen anymore, though he was sure that there had to be something that he could do to stop him, or at least gain slight control of the shags.
Thinking was complicated now, with Jorgen giving him both pleasure and pain. Jorgen’s well-muscled chest was also a distraction, a very erotic distraction. However, he finally managed to think. 
Jorgen was tied to rules. If he was given rules, parameters, a schedule, perhaps, he’d follow it faithfully, never disobeying, even if breaking those rules would give him something he wanted or make him happier than following them would; even if those rules went against his core beliefs.
Norm just needed to think of some rules, parameters or a schedule, and a way to get Jorgen to listen to him, and it would be near-painless shags from then on. A warm, intense feeling passed through him, and he was distracted from his thoughts. If anything, Jorgen was good at this, and definitely hot. He just needed to fix the pain problem, and everything would be A-OK. This wonderful feeling could shield him from it, but it couldn’t prevent it, and was currently distracting him from planning. Dang it!
Jorgen locked his lips into a kiss, and Norm didn’t consider resisting, though Jorgen’s lips were a bit too forceful against his own for his liking; even pushing his head against the smooth gray tiles. Despite all that, Jorgen was an awesome kisser. If he wasn’t lying here like a slab of meat, and Jorgen wasn’t seeking pleasure for himself, and pain for him, Norm would have wanted to kiss him forever.
Jorgen broke off the kiss abruptly, and glanced around as though he was a deer in the headlights of a car driven by mountain lions. Norm wondered what was up, but supposed it was nothing when Jorgen returned to fucking the living hell out of him, seeming much calmer.
Norm’s thoughts began to come together, and he started to gain an inkling of an idea. He now knew why Jorgen had been so cautious. Jorgen was married to the Tooth Fairy, who he, if Norm had heard it right, adored. Therefore, Jorgen probably didn’t want her to find out that he was cheating on her, especially not with a genie – though Norm had no objections to cheating, as long as he wasn’t the one being cheated on. Even then, he could just find someone else to shag; he was just that hot.
Norm grinned. He had an excuse to suggest the schedule, rules, parameters, what-have-you, and a fake reason that would get Jorgen to listen to him.
“Hey, uh, Muscles,” said Norm, choosing that nickname over his regular one for Jorgen, and faking a concerned tone. “You seem kinda…. worried. What’s up?”
“The mighty Jorgen Von Strangle does not get worried!”
Norm groaned, yet continued with his false concern. “Yeah, right. You are the epitome of manliness and thus can’t do anything unmanly, like worry. I’ll believe the second part when pigs fly – without fairy magic, Muscles. Just admit it, dude, you were worried – why?”
- - -
Jorgen winced, and prepared to hurt or insult the genie – no one got away with such affronts to his manliness – but hesitated. The filthy genie had sounded concerned about his feelings, which was probably just a genie trick – it wasn’t as though one actually would care about anyone other than himself. 
Nevertheless, he explained the source of his worries to the genie, and the genie was sympathetic, though Jorgen bet that sympathy was all fake, but even if it wasn’t, he didn’t want a genie’s sympathy, especially not the sympathy of a genie that he had control of. That only hurt his pride.
He wanted to blast the genie to ash like he often did to Binky, but just looking at the genie was enough to halt such thoughts in their tracks. He had no desire to destroy the genie’s delectable chest, messy black curls or dark violet eyes, which were only enhanced by his sunglasses; despite that the genie could regenerate himself if necessary.
If he needed another reason not to blast the genie, the genie had offered to help him hide this from the Tooth Fairy. He didn’t trust the offer, but that did need to be hidden, after all.
“Tell me!”
“What we need, Muscles, is a schedule,” answered the genie. “Of when you’ll shag me, what we’ll do etc. Shags will be scheduled while the Tooth Fairy is gone and when there are no duties that you need to attend to – like now, for example. Pain will have to be minimized, since if you do anything painful or harmful, I will naturally start resisting. It’s just my nature. My resistance will probably make it take longer, therefore disrupting the schedule. Got it, Muscles?”
“Yes,” replied Jorgen, BOOMing up a large schedule. An only slightly smaller pencil appeared beside it.
He marked out when the Tooth Fairy would be working, and when she’d be at home, as well as all his free time, appointments and duties. Admittedly, the timing of those was hard to predict, but some weren’t. The predictable ones were marked down, and the unpredictable ones were shown as notes on the side, which mentioned their unpredictably.
He then marked down a fourth of the free spaces as times to have sex with the genie. Now that he had actually shagged the genie once, he couldn’t help but realize that once wasn’t enough. He wanted to do it again, several times, perhaps.
That didn’t prevent the notion of cheating on the Tooth Fairy from causing undertones of guilt, or make him feel any better about the genie species. It just meant that the genie was remarkably good in bed.
The genie kissed him, and for a few moments, none of that could cross his mind and he didn’t want it to.


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